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দুর্গাসাগর.JPG|Durga Sagar in Madhabpasha
Baitul Aman Mosque.JPG|Baitul Aman Jame Masjid Complex
118 sadar road, Barisal City, Bangladesh..jpg| Shohel Chattar, Bibir Pukur Par
Padma Pukur, Barisal.jpg|Padma Pukur, Barisal
Bell’s Park aka Bangabandhu Udyan Barisal.jpg| Bell’s Park aka Bangabandhu Udyan
30 Godown, Barisal.jpg| 30 Godown Freedom Fighters Monument
Durgasagar: with an area of about 2,500 hectare, is the largest pond or dighi of southern Bangladesh. It is located at Madhabpasa village of babuganj upazila, about 11 km away from Barisal town. Locally it is known as Madhabpasha Dighi. According to a desire of Rani Durgavati, mother of Raja Joynarayan, the dighi was dug in 1780 . There are coconut trees around the dighi which together with the dighi are bounded by brick-walls. In the middle of the dighi, there is an island with bushes. Migratory birds usually come here during winter. The surrounding areas of the dighi has now been turned into a picnic spot.
Madhabpasha was a capital of the kingdom of Chandradvipa.

    • Durga Sagar
    • Baitul Aman Jame Masjid Complex
    • Oxford Mission Church
    • Bell’s Park aka Bangubandhu Udyan
    • 30 Godown
    • Planet World
    • Muktijoddha Park
    • Narikel Bagan & Horticulture (Agriculture Training Institute)
    • Lakhutia Zamindar Bari
    • Korapur Miah Bari Masjid
    • Shankar Math
    • Town Hall
    • Sher-e-Bangla Museum
    • Bir Sreshtho Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir Library and Museum
    • Jibanananda Das Museum
    • Dapdapia Bridge
    • Bibir Pukur
    • Shahid Shukkur-Gafur Memorial Park, Amanatganj
    • Taltali Bridge, Amanatganj
    • Padma Pukur (Pond of Lotus)
    • Kali Mandir founded by the Poet Mukunda Das
    • BadhyaBhumi Monument (বধ্যভূমি স্মৃতিসৌধ)
  • Bangladesh Rice Research Institute Regional Centre (Coconut Garden)
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