Nilachal Banderban Beautiful Place


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Bangladesh is a small evergreen beautiful country located in south Asia. From ancient age many internationally famous tourist visit here and enjoy the natural beauty of Bangladesh. There are huge natural beautiful place in Bangladesh. Of all Bandarban is the dearest daughter of nature. It is blessed with Nilgiri, jibon nagor, chumbuk, golden temple, kawkaradong, Sangu River and many other interesting places. Nilachal is also a fantastic tourist destination situated in the top of the mountain that created & maintained by Bandarban district administration. The view of Nilachal is so spectacular for snapping. Nilachal gives the name of the tourist complex. People consider it as the Darjeeling of Bangladesh. Tourist also calls it the daughter of the nature, daughter of the hill.

After walking about three kilometers towards the city of Chittagong from Bandarban city at the left hand side of the road meandering in a small Nilachal gone. The path is about three kilometers to reach the hill climb. Places at the descending slope of the mountain slopes. It is very easy to reach the top of the mountain where a fantastic place is waiting for the visitor named Nilachal complex.
Nilachal is the nearest tourist spot from Bandarban city. It is situated at Tigerpara area and about six kilometers from Bandarban town. It is near about 16 hundred feet above of the sea level and perhaps it is the highest tourist place in Bandarban district. Surrounded by the imposing peaks of the mountains Nilachal style structures have been constructed in the center. A far cry from another the mountain landscapes differ from each side Monsoon and monsoon clouds later in the game here. A few minutes away from the mountain after a raft of clouds that floated on top of Nilachal. Around cool soft cover Stroke on stroke. White soft and smog like cloud comes with gentle breeze and touch the tourist softly.

Nilachal Banderban Beautiful Place

From here visitor can see the total glance of Bandarban town and a vast landscape. Sangu River that flows by the side of the Bandarban town also can be seen from far away standing here. In the rainy season visitor can be thrilled walking through the clouds. They can touch it like as dreamed a sweet dreame . Visitor can watch a golden twilight in the evening and also enjoy an evergreen moonlight in the moonlit night. During the winter season, it is awesome at the foggy morning.
On the way to Nilachal, visitor can see some tribe villages with their raw natural expression and unique culture. Bandarban district administration initiative to build a pleasant tourist resort in recent years, a new one has been added. Recently, a few new places have been created at Nilachal for tourists. The house next to the ticket, Amethyst hanging from the bottom of the few in the waiting room has been created gradually. The resort at Nilachal Named Nilachal Scape Resort is an additional attraction. . General tourists are allowed until sunset. However, the space is open around the clock for resort guests.

Notable among these is the Nebula and Valentine points. So from now on as well as sightseeing tourists will have the chance to live the night. However, the beauty of the original Nilachal is much more than imagination. From here, one can better enjoy the beauty of the mountains.

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