Howrah Bridge (officially Rabindra Setu)


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The Howrah Bridge (officially Rabindra Setu, on the river Hoogly is a cantilever bridge supported by two 270 ft. high piers at both ends. An engineering marvel, the span of the bridge between the piers is 1500 ft. while the distance between the two sheet anchors is 2115 ft. The 71 ft. wide bridge has eight tracks for vehicles including tramcars and two footpaths.a
The famous Howrah Bridge is the gateway to Kolkata (Calcutta). The bridge was renamed “Rabindra Setu” after the name of Rabindranath Tagore hailed from this city. Rabindra Setu in Bengali –> রবীন্দ্র সেতু .
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Rabindra Setu – Howrah Bridge.

This is the busiest Cantilever Bridge in the World, which sees a daily traffic of about 150,000 vehicles and 4 million human legs and thousands of cattles; somewhat similar to Sydney Harbour Bridge. But the latter can never dream of such a traffic. Until 1943, the Hoogly River was crossed by a pontoon bridge, which had to be opened to let river traffic through. There was a considerable fear that it would affect the river currents and cause silting problems. This problem was eventually avoided by building a bridge that crosses the river in a single 450m span. The Rabindra Setu (রবীন্দ্র সেতু), popularly known as the Howrah Bridge, is the gateway to the city of Calcutta. Built on River Hoogly, it was originally meant to facilitate military transportation between Calcutta and the industrial town of Howrah during World War II. It remains an arterial bridge connecting the city to its main railway station, the Howrah Station. The bridge is 705 m. long and 97 m. wide. More than 2590 MT of high tensile steel went into this unique cantilevered bridge supported by two piers, each nearly 90 meters in height above the road level. An engineering marvel, it expands by as much as a metre during the heat of a summer day. The eight-lane bridge carries a steady flow of more than lakh vehicles and 2 million commuters every day. The best way to enjoy its stately beauty is to view it from the middle of the river where photography is strictly prohibited. It is one of the world’s busiest bridges. The ferries that run from below Howrah Station are a more convenient way to cross the river and give a good view of the bridge. It is one of three bridges on the river Hoogly and is the most famous symbol of Calcutta as well as West Bengal.

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