The historical Dighi at Baniachong


Bangla Culture:
The historical Dighi at Baniachong
Komola Ranir Dighi is located at the village Baniachong of Hobigonj district.This is also known as Shagor Dighi as it’s huge in size.

During the 12th century King Poddonabh has created this massive water tank to ease the water crisis of the peasant from the village. In our country Bangladesh, most of these kinds of large water tanks have a similar story. This one is not out of that.

After completion of digging the Dighi didn’t get filled with water. The king saw a dream one night and he was ordered to sacrifice his wife into the Dighi to get water in it. So the queen Komolaboti sacrificed her life to get the Dighi filled with water.

That’s why the Dighi is also known as Komola Ranir Dighi. The length of the Dighi is much more than the width. Probably the portion will be 1:4.

To reach there you have to reach Hobigonj district town using bus from Dhaka. After that using CNG driven vehicle you can easily cone to Baniachong. It will be 40 taka per person at CNG driven vehicle.

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