Partnership and Donet

Partnerships and Donets

Partnership: Bengali culture is such a chapter that no person can be alone for the next generation. We must create a team and present all the images and writings of Bengali culture for our next generation. For this, Agra could join us in writing on any country especially the culture. We will accept with you

Donnet: It is our job to publish the tradition, culture, religion, and color of Bengalis. We want to go ahead in such a way that our next generation of boys and girls, including Bangalee’s early history, heritage, can get everything easily on this website. So we and our group always try to add all Bengali information here. Many organizations, donor agencies, NGOs, foundations, donors, and people in the world want to cooperate in Bengali rich culture-rich pages, it would be like getting a bigger one for us. And we will be in debt for the whole life. By doing so, the main part of Bangali culture will be released and will keep our original culture in the same way we will be working more enthusiastically.

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